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A woman of “a certain age” with many interests and areas of expertise. I talk, write, and teach on these topics [and others]

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selfie on a windy day

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Nope — not gonna happen

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Lifestyle | Health | Fasting | Food

Quick summary: I love it!

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and— you are not confused!

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Aging | Women | Medical Care | Self Care

medicine doesn’t see you

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Portland | Moving | Greed | Lifestyle

I loved you until I didn’t

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It was a fun place to live

writing | meditation | mental health | journaling

Keeping Myself Sane

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  • thoughts about the day before
  • thoughts about the coming up day
  • how I feel
  • what and who I'm pissed at
  • musings about people and things that are…

Medium | Writing | Snark | Emotions

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Psychology | Motivation | Business | Mental Health

getting out of hibernation

image by Gerd Altman from Pixabay

I have often said I go into hibernation from about Thanksgiving until my birthday, which is near the end of January.

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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.

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