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Clickbait Sucks!

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.
5 min readDec 30, 2022

yes — it really does — but …..

clickbait is a lure for money
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But???? It works!

Online platforms want to make money. Medium is no different — and the people who write here certainly are no different. Many, if not most, want to make money and they study how to make money — not how to write — but how to make money. This, in spite of those who say they are here to write, not make money. [I rarely believe them.]

It really isn't hard to figure out the money part, because the media — even what people call the mainstream media — have figured it out — and they figured it out years ago back when we had more print media.

It's this:


use clickbait — get people to click on your story because then you get advertisers who pay to be on the clicked stories pages…


“if it bleeds it leads” — gore draws eyes and ad money follows…

On Medium, the gist is this: get people to click on your story and spend a few minutes on it then Medium will pay you a few pennies. And if you get a lot of clicks you might wind up on the front page of Medium where more people will click on your link, rinse and repeat….

It doesn't mean you write well — in fact some of the stories are really absolutely dreadfully written — but they get “popular“ because they start with a clickbait title.

US Mint
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For example — I see many articles/posts that start like this:

“I made X money in Y time period of time on [my blog, my articles, my ad revenue, my YouTube channel, etc.]”

They must collect many clicks on whatever sites they are on because they are always at or near the top of a feed when I look.

Other clickbait titles have to do with how you get those eyes and therefore wallets on your content — and they go like this:

  • I had 17,000 views of my article here's what I did.
  • I sold 10,000 books on X platform here’s the way I did that.



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