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Dear John [oops I mean Medium]

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I could say it’s me; not you. But, I feel it is you; not me.

Then again I have been in a need-to-change-things-up mood.

I often switch stuff up in my life — and I had already decided that a major relocation was going to happen next year. Maybe Medium falls into this change category — but you have your own issues.

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When I first signed up a few years ago, I read some articles but I didn’t really do very much else. Towards the end of 2019, I was really loving your articles so much so that I bought a membership so I could read more. I enjoyed my morning reading of absolutely brilliant well-written thoughtful pieces. I followed some of those writers, I commented on their pieces, we followed each other — it was a cognitively interesting space.

Then you changed your terms of service, then you did other things I’m no longer even sure what — it’s probably your algorithm. Then you added the “design your profile page.”

Aside: I almost never look at profile pages — not on Medium, not on Twitter, not on Facebook — it’s not where people I know look. It may be pretty and you can do all sorts of fun things with it but for me it’s irrelevant. I’ve left mine pretty much as it was when you added this “enhancement.”

But back to why I have lost interest.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that I’m not seeing the people whose writings I used to love reading. Some — when I remembered names — I could go look for and read their stuff but they’re no longer showing up on my front page. Where did my favorite authors go? I know that some of them left Medium. Maybe they all left?

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What I AM mostly seeing are articles like “how I made $500 in my first month on Medium,” “how I got a thousand followers my first day on Medium,” “how you can make $500 your first month on Medium,” — how you can make money — how you can make money — how you can make money…%@%^$*^(

The ones that you offer for me to read are not what I want to read. Maybe because I clicked on one of the ones about making 500 just to see how bad it was you think that’s what I want to read? I hate that algorithm. Just because I click on something to look doesn’t mean I want to keep seeing that kind of story. But apparently you have decided that that is what I must read.

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A final coup de grâce is going on this month. I'm not writing, so I can understand why I have fewer readers — but I have a lot more followers — isn't that interesting.

Other people are finding that you are deleting their followers. Me? I’m having all these all “interesting” people follow me — like these:

screenshot by author

When I started getting followed by these “alleged” readers, I reported and blocked them. In the past, Medium would have removed these people. Now they just sit in my followers list as “blocked.” And I get more and more every day. Like today!

screenshot by author
screenshot by author

They are bots and I know algorithms can get rid of bots as that happens on other platforms.

Medium, though, seems to love these bots.

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

I barely look at my list of followers because I have to wade through so many bots to see if there's an actual real person who might want to follow me. So they sit there — and there they can stay until — as one of them says “pigs fly.”

I doubt anything much will change before I am due to pay for another year. So at this point, I'm not paying; I'm canceling my paid account.

Medium has shown great reluctance to listen to its audience. I have reluctance to stay on a platform that doesn't listen to its audience — so for right now — as I said at the start of this article: it's time to take a break Medium — I've lost interest in you.

PS — about 4 days later…

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the bots just keep coming — here’s another sample

screenshot by author

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