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Getting Back On Track

Or actually I should say — getting back on the treadmill!

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.
3 min readJan 28, 2023


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Last year I did training for a 5K. We did it online and it was through an organization where I used to live. It was fun and it did actually get me exercising so I signed up again this year.

This is the 6th week of the 12 weeks of training — and I just got started. [SIGH]

It’s been that kind of existence since I started packing to move — last Spring.

Last year I used my indoor bike for training, this year I was going to walk, thinking that maybe by next year I could try running.

But as I said many things got in the way including really wild weather and power outages and so walking outside became something I was not going to do on a regular basis — except for the dog walks…but that’s not training.

I was going to go to a gym but car issues and other things including ice and wind storms [and inertia] kept me away — but then an at-home treadmill was acquired — and I got going.

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