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A No Writing June?

yup — it was a major packing month

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.
3 min readJul 12, 2022


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Earlier this year I said April passed me by — or I let it pass me by — and I thought well I will get back to writing in May and I did — all of one article here.

Then I thought well maybe I'll keep writing into June — and I didn't. Now we are well into July, and oops — writing is still taking the back seat.

I did get a lot of sorting, donating, and packing done. I am also taking some time to get my floating home to have better “curb appeal” as my good friend says [although we don't have curbs.] I'm just trying to make it look a little more inviting or spiffier and then contacting some brokers…

Because it had finally stopped raining and the first heat wave of the summer had happened — I was finally able to be outside doing things like power washing and painting. Luckily for me I have a neighbor who has been very helpful in terms of scraping, painting, and sending me inside to hydrate and take a rest. A few other neighbors and friends have joined in as well doing some of the painting and carpentry — and the house actually looks so much better than it did last month. It's amazing what some paint and trim do in terms of curb appeal.

That’s my daytime life — in the evening I turn into a sorter, tosser, and packer. That almost sounds like what they do in terms of jobs at your favorite “buy everything online” place’s warehouses.

I am almost guessing if I read anything about writing there will be articles explaining as to why I should be writing every day or every week or every whatever not. I’ve read all of those words — it’s not gonna happen for me — not now!

I do know what happens when I don’t write every day or even every month or every whatever. I lose readers. I know that — but it doesn’t make me write anymore or any less. It also doesn’t get me any more people going over to my website — I have hardly been there in a while myself.

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I tell me [and yes I do talk to myself] this will change after I have made the major move and had some time to relax — so I'm thinking September is my time for getting back to all things words…

Except for this article…



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